Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 6

We got to sleep in until 7 this morning! A good night's sleep. It was still raining but slacked off and stopped completely by 8 or so. Breakfast was not the most delicious but I was still happy to eat real food as opposed to pop tarts: gobs and gobs of cream of wheat, 1 slice of bacon for each of the 11 hikers, half of a slice of a German pancake, and a bite of eggs for everyone...leftovers don't stretch far enough for 11 hiker appetites! Our work was intense: a few washed dishes, some scrubbed dish racks, and the rest of us scrubbed the dining room floor. The work lasted awhile and we didn't leave the hut until after 10. We began the climb up Washington, about 5 miles to Lakes of the Clouds. The terrain was fairly easy but it was cold, windy, and started sprinkling on us. Not pleasant on the ridgeline! The clouds were thick but finally started to clear as we neared the hut. We stopped there for soup...and we all paid for endless soup but they cut us off after a bit...thought it was endless? No one was very happy about that. We left there with Snowy for a pretty easy climb up Mt Washington, the second highest point on the trail at 6288 feet. Long Trail came as well, without a pack, because she was staying at Lakes and wanted to get a good view since tomorrow it's supposed to rain again. We got pictures at the sign, stopped by the snack bar, and actually got a view on top! We had about 6 more miles to Madison Spring Hut, a beautiful ridgeline hike that was clear and full of views! So happy we had at least SOME nice weather. It felt amazing; the Whites are absolutely beautiful. Slow going on rocks though but we made it to the hut around 7:30 and scored a work for stay! There are 12 of us here tonight: Gumby, Snowy, Urkle, Shepherd, Lemon, Fish, Beer Burger, Old School, Bear Bag and I, and two sobos. Lasagna for dinner and I am worn out and ready for bed and a shower tomorrow!
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