Monday, September 12, 2011

September 9

A wonderful night's sleep turned into a late morning; we all slept until 8:30! Snowy, Bear Bag, and I packed up and headed down the street to McDonald's for breakfast. It was about 10:30 when we were finished and we had to digest a bit. And then we figured we would just stick around for lunch too...and then someone mentioned "zero"...sigh. And sadly, no one else opposed the idea...sigh. We were at McDonald's until almost 1...and it's hard to start hiking in the middle of the day. Double zero it was.
We went to the bookstore and the outfitter and checked into the Royalty Inn. The three of us went to Mr. Pizza for an early dinner and came back to the hotel to take advantage of the pool and hot tub. So nice! A shower followed...3 days in a row of showers! I'm so spoiled.
Zeros are nice but I'm starting to feel guilty about taking them. Katahdin closes October 15 and any day before then for bad weather. What if we don't make it? What if we're waiting at the bottom for good weather and we miss the deadline? I didn't walk more than 1800 miles to fail. What if I fail?
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  1. Hope you enjoyed Gorham! My husband and I were in Gorham (visiting from Long Island, NY) to do our annual fall hike up Washington this past weekend. We actually ate at Mr. Pizza (one of our favorites) on Sat night... It's too bad we didn't run into you... We've been following your blog and totally would have offered you some trail magic. We would've loved to hear your trail stories first hand, as we are headed out on our thru hike next year. Congratulations on your journey thus far. We're rooting for you and can't wait to read you Katahdin Summit entry!