Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Closing In

The hours I spent preparing for this trip surely added up to weeks. I prepared physically, tangibly, and I prepared mentally for a change of lifestyle. The adjustment didn't take long and it's been an incredible ride for the past 6.5 months.
I haven't thought much about the end. The entire time I've been telling myself to keep going, and keep going, and keep going...and now it stops? The end exists? How do I stop?
As much preparation as I did before, I haven't prepared much for the transition back to "real" life. Maybe those thoughts will come later, or maybe they won't come at all, but I know that removing myself from this simplicity will be a big adjustment.
I've been getting chills since Georgia when I look at Katahdin in my guidebook. It's really up there?
I hope I see it. I hope I make it. I need to feel it.
As much as I want to get there, the hardest part is going to be turning my back to that sign and walking back down.
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  1. lindsey-thanks so much for the virtual thru hike. i have only section hiked at thru the smp;but going back to work the hike went with me and memories of the sounds,space helped me when things got really tense at the hospital. your account to this trip has really helped me and my dad with the hardest thing we've ever done-say goodbye to my 89 yr old mom. best of trails always

  2. The end truly is coming. Though it is hard to fathom, I hope the adjustment back to real life will be as easy as it was adjusting to trail life six and a half months ago.

  3. There is always the PCT next year?

  4. Lindsey,

    I'm glad that you have come out of your "town mode" and back to the hiking mode. I have to admit you had me concerned there for a while.

    Yes, the end is approaching and it will be hard to end it and a little sad at the moment but, you have created some fantastic memories that will allow you to experience again your adventure anytime you want to reflect back on it, besides... it's getting too cold now to hike anyway, right! :-))

    Heck next year you can try the PCT or even your local long distance trail. You have a great long distance trial right there at home (The Buckeye Trail – 1,444 miles). It may not the AT but it's worth investigating, especially the southeastern sections. The Hocking Hills area is some beautiful country.

    OR... you could always do the AT again as a SOBO, it would be a change of scenery :-)))


  5. Lindsay, Thanks for the update. You have written some great reports so far and they are getting beter.

    You and Bear Bag have come a long way together, Y'all are going to make it if you keep up the pace.

    I love the pics, they are an integral part to your story. The top of Katadin is waiting for you and I AM sure you will shed tears. nothing wrong with that at all. I am happy for you.

    Life goes on. You come from a part of Ohio that is not so far removed from your daily tasks. You have discovered that life can be lived at a different pace. You have discovered what are the important things, the meaning of life. Not that many people get to see life, as you have experienced it in the last 6.5 months. Life will never be the same.

    Be strong, keep safe and kiss the Peak.


  6. Great write up's to go with your videos. I would be really curious to see an updated gear list with stuff from your original list that was sent home and stuff that you got along the way that you really need/wanted. Congrats on AT NOBO