Friday, October 14, 2011

The End of a Journey

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  1. happy you guys made it
    thanks for all the updates of your trip
    i enjoyed reading them

  2. Congratulations! This has been a great read - hope to see a follow up soon!

  3. I just watched your first video again, i think there is an interesting difference to your last one. You look much "harder" now. ;)

    Do you really like to write a book now?

  4. @Vollzeitvater I noticed that as well. The change over 2100 miles of hiking is amazing. Much respect to Hover.

  5. I too went back and viewed the intro vid on YT. Such energy and enthusiasm, your eyes were bright and excited. By the last vid you can see the relief on your face, see how tired and worn you feel.
    Although I wonder if you miss Bear Bag? Miss the quiet time in your mind? Miss seeing a new sunset / sunrise every day ? Have you stopped crying yet ? How strange does it feel to be in your bed every night ? What you think when you see people rushing around in a hurry going no where ? How you are adjusting to the bustle of the worls again?