Monday, October 3, 2011

October 1

Okay, okay, I personally take full responsibility for this third (AND LAST (Bear Bag inserted that) ) zero.
We stuck around for the breakfast buffet this morning, and it started drizzling as we were packing up. If you didn't know, I hate to hike in the rain. If it rains at night it's not a HUGE deal; a wet tent is basically the only result. If it rains while you're hiking, everything gets wet. And you can't stop because you get too cold, and you don't want to touch anything because your hands are wet, and you and your gear smell even worse than normal. Rain downright stinks.
But two zeros were enough, right? We are on kind of a tight schedule...
We stood out with Snowy for a hitch. "If no one stops by 10," I said, "We're staying." No one agreed but no one objected. But, what do you know, a guy pulls up at 9:59:50-something. No joke. So he took us back to the trail and I practiced by reasoning skills while we stood in the rain. "Even if it rains tomorrow, one day of hiking in the rain is better than two." "Don't you just hate putting on cold, wet clothes in the morning?" "It's already after 10; we won't do many miles today so waiting until tomorrow wont make much of a difference. We'll still get to Monson on the same day."
I got them.
We decided to stay at the Sterling Inn, one mile from the trail. We started walking and tried to hitch, but no luck. The mile seemed like three in the rain on the road but we finally arrived. The place is a bed and breakfast...a huge, old house. "You know, this has the makings of a horror movie..." Snowy pointed out. It did.
There was no one there but a sign was posted on the door that phone numbers were in the kitchen. We went inside and Bear Bag called Nancy, the owner, who told us to pick a room and make ourselves comfortable. We watched some tv for a bit until her husband, Wallace, came back. He gave us a ride to the restaurant at Northern Outdoors and to the general store. Wallace is an interesting, old-fashioned fellow who wears flannel shirts and has lived in small town Maine his entire life. He told us about his love for the mountains and wilderness, and how he doesn't like the moose hunts because he's afraid they'll die off and he doesn't want to see that happen. I like him.
We got back (still raining) and sat around for the rest of the afternoon. We ate popcorn and other junk for dinner and played some cards this evening. And it's still raining...the trail is going to be a mess!
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