Monday, October 3, 2011

October 2

It's hard to leave town, let alone leave town in the rain! The inn had cereal for breakfast and we talked with Wallace while we ate. Last night was their final night this's a good thing because we probably would have stayed if we could have! He also told us info about the trail ahead. It rained while we ate but started to slack off. We packed up and when I came downstairs with my stuff, Bear Bag was sporting a new pair of shoes! Apparently Wallace had seen the pair he was wearing, all torn up and falling apart, and had given him a pair that he had bought but didn't wear! Amazing. Such a nice guy!
He gave us a ride back to the trail and we said our goodbyes. It wasn't raining anymore but of course everything was soaked and the trail was sloppy. The first 6 miles or so were pretty easy though. We crossed Holly Brook three times. The first time we walked across a log, the second we rock hopped, and on the third I had to take my shoes off and wade across, but Bear Bag and Snowy found their own routes upstream. We got to a shelter and decided to take a break, and guess who we found there! Sundance and Pace only made it 6 miles yesterday! We got moving again as it was getting cold, and it starting raining again. Luckily it wasn't too heavy and I stayed mostly dry in my rain gear. We had a climb up Pleasant Pond Mountain and then a 4.5 mile downhill to Moxie Pond. We had to ford the south end of the pond, where a river runs into it. So out came the crocs and we picked our way across the cold, knee deep, murky water. It was maybe 30 yards across and the current was flowing but not dangerously strong. From there we only had 3 more miles, an easy, flat-ish stroll, to Bald Mountain Brook Lean-To. The five of us are the only ones here. It's drizzling now and there is a chance of rain for the next three days...ugh! Maybe we'll get lucky. Tomorrow is an ambitious 22 miles to Monson, our last resupply. Maybe we'll get lucky there too!
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  1. Thanks for the update. I look forward to more.

  2. By golly Girl, I think you're gonna make it :-)) Stock up good (8-10 days worth) at Monson as I'm sure you're aware you are approaching the 100 mile wilderness area, just keep stepping. Looking forward to your Katahdin entry and your followup entry(s) after you get back home.