Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 4

The attic was hot and stuffy and I didn't sleep that well. We got up around 7 and walked down to Shaw's, where we were expecting an all you can eat breakfast. The problem was, we thought Rebekah here at the Lakeshore House had called us in, but she hadn't. So, they had no food. They did have denatured alcohol though and I bought a few more ounces for my stove. Then the three of us walked to the convenience store and picked up some ready-made sandwiches. Not the best breakfast I've had in town! Once we got back, it started raining. Yes, more rain.
We got laundry going and walked to the general store for resupply...our last resupply! So sad. Pace and Sundance were there, and Snowy expressed what everyone was thinking and drew a "Z" with his finger in the air. We walked back to our room in the rain and contemplated options. Today was supposedly the last day of rain...and wouldn't it be nice to not hike in the rain??
So, we stayed. Snowy moved down the street to stay with Gumby, Pace, and Sundance, and Bear Bag and I moved into a different room downstairs. I'm not sure anyone hiked out rained steadily until 4:30 or so. I've had enough rain!
We got a pizza for dinner and I've been eating so much junk today; it's the last trail town and the last time I can eat without feeling guilty so I have to take advantage of it!
As I said the rain is supposed to stop but it should be a little cooler for the next few days...lows around 30!
Tomorrow starts the 100-mile wilderness, so we are carrying 7 days of food. That means heavy packs for the first few days!
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