Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 5

Will beds become less luxurious when I can sleep in one every night?
Bear Bag grabbed us breakfast from the convenience store--ready-made hash browns and sandwich things, and donuts. Perfect. We ate and packed up and...decided to stay in town for lunch. Always a horrible decision. We got cheeseburgers, chips, and a woopie pie from the store and sat in the laundromat below the hostel eating. And, we dared to suggest another zero. Zero it was.
It has actually been raining off and on throughout the afternoon, even snowing for a few minutes! We're in the middle of a little cold spell. We watched some tv and ate dinner at the pub downstairs. A few more people have come into the hostel; it makes me feel better that there are still people behind us! The rain should be done though and I'm looking forward to hiking in the sunshine again!
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