Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 6

Rebekah and her husband took us back to the trail around 7:30. I was expecting a total mudhole like we had coming into town, but the trail really wasn't that bad. Very happy about that! Still swampy and muddy in places but it was bearable. It was a lot rougher than I expected though and we didn't make very good time. The day was mostly sunny (finally!) But cold, in the 40s. We had three river fords today. The first was about seven miles in. There was a huge tree that fell across the water, and Bear Bag actually shimmied across that to the other side. I tried to do the same but my inner thighs weren't really enjoying it. I decided to ford. My legs went numb in probably three minutes from the cold, cold water. I got about halfway across and my shorts were getting wet from the depth. The current wasn't super strong but enough that I feared I'd lose my footing. I had a brief moment of panic and then Bear Bag actually came in a few feet from the other side and offered a hand. I was thankful for it and made it to the other side. The air was cold on my wet legs! There was another small section I had to wade across and the water felt warm once I got back in...not good! Once we got moving again I was fine and we stopped in the sun to eat lunch. More roots and mud and rocks until we came to the second ford, Big Wilson Stream (first was Little Wilson). This was wider, maybe 25-30 yards, but we could see the bottom all the way across. We were in the water for awhile but emerged unscathed on the other, so cold! We knew we had one more ford but rock-hopped a couple of streams until we came to Long Pond Stream. It wasn't very deep or wide but swift and white...we made our way carefully and the current felt strong against my legs; this crossing just barely reached the bottoms of my shorts. We knew we were within a mile of the shelter but saw a beautiful campsite down by the stream, so we decided to stop. Dinner was amazing; we split some mashed potatoes and then made chicken noodle good on a cold night! It's supposed to be in the 20s tonight; it will be hard to get up in the morning!
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