Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 7

Last night wasn't as cold as I expected and I was warm, although there was a lot of condensation in the tent even though the vestibule was open. Nothing new.
I don't know what happened to us today. I'm not even going to say what time we got up because I'm slightly ashamed. All I'll say is that today was a zero (nero?) in the woods. In the 100-mile wilderness. On October 7. Sigh.
It got to maybe 50 degrees today but the sun was out so it wasn't so bad. We walked upstream a bit to find somewhere to sit in the sun and came upon a nicer campsite right on the water, fire pit included. So, we hauled our stuff up the trail. So technically we did hike today, although it was about 100 yards. Haha! We sat by Long Pond Stream for awhile and skipped some rocks in the sunshine. We took a nap this afternoon, cooked an early dinner, and made a fire this evening to keep us warm. A perfect day.
The funny thing is that we met a day hiker today. In the 100-mile "wilderness". He drove his car back an old road and hiked up to Barren Ledges. It's comforting but depressing at the same time.
So, it doesn't bother me to get to Katahdin a day later, but I am worried about the weather. I have a flight home booked on the 15th so if we have bad weather and can't get up the mountain when we get there, I may have to re-book. But money is the only problem there and it's just money, right? Ha, right.
Last one to Katahdin wins!
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