Monday, October 3, 2011

September 29

Oh zero, how I love thee.
An unpleasant forecast and a full belly led to a zero in Caratunk. Breakfast down at the pub was delicious. We had to switch rooms and found out that Snowy, Sundance, and Pace were just getting into town, so we invited them to stay with us, since there are beds for 6. And only $12 per person on the already low base rate. Stretch is bunking here too so it's a full house!
The day was lazy, as a zero should be. My knee was hurting a bit this morning from the big day yesterday but the rest today surely did it some good and it hasn't been bothersome this evening. We hung out in the pub for food and drinks, shot some pool, and enjoyed the hot tub. So nice on a chilly night! It's been raining off and on throughout the day and evening; hopefully it will stop by tomorrow.
Being the worrier that I am, Bear Bag and I called Baxter State Park to confirm that it only closes for overnight use on October 15. Of course, there isn't any reason (except a serious injury or something) why we shouldn't get there several days before, but in case we have to wait for a decent summit day, we won't be out of luck. We'd just have to get a shuttle into the park and back out on the day we summit. But, that's the worst-case scenario. And, I feel a million times better knowing this. Maybe even two million. Double zero? Ha, just kidding!
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