Monday, October 3, 2011

September 30

Or maybe I wasn't kidding about a double zero...
Breakfast this morning was delicious...the restaurant here is good and cheap! And then...
And then, Sundance, Pace, Snowy, Bear Bag, and I all talked ourselves and each other into a zero.
Northern Outdoors didn't have any lodge rooms available but they did have a "logdominium" for just a bit more per person. There are beds for five and a small kitchenette...this really is a nice place. We needed some food to eat today to save money as opposed to eating at the pub again, so we stuck our thumbs out for a difficult 5-man hitch. It took awhile but finally a woman in a minivan pulled up...perfect! She took us to the general store and we bought some snacks, and then it was thumbs out again to get back to the room. This one didn't take long; a couple of guys in a pickup pulled over and we all jumped in the back. It was dirty, full of junk, and everything was covered in grease. The joys of hitchhiking! It was a cold ride but much better than walking!
This afternoon Snowy, Bear Bag, and I took three kayaks out on the lake nearby; it was so peaceful on the water but the mosquitoes were horrible! The warmer than normal weather has allowed for another hatch and they are vicious! I was sitting in a puddle by the time we were done (due to paddle drippage) but it was a good time!
Later, Bear Bag and I went to the pub and shot some pool (I won both times legitimately!) and then Snowy joined us for more food and more drinks. Pace and Sundance came up after a bit (they had cooked dinner in the room) and we listened to the live entertainment for a few songs before heading back to bed. I'm exhausted again and this bed feels amazing!
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  1. I am not surprised that you won in pool, I did not believe in teaching Bear Bag this secular game in his youth. I hope he has not been corrupted in the 7th month trek? Multi zero days, spending time in pubs, hitch hiking, and now playing pool in a bar! You have a lot to answer for when this trip is over with. :-)