Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thru-Hike Videos


  1. LOVE this video! How are you doing now that you've been off the trail for a couple of months?

  2. Hi Lindsey
    Great that you are posting again. Hoped you will. It's a christmas gift.
    I'm also interested how normal life is for you.
    Whish you a merry christmas.
    Michael from Switzerland

  3. good to see you on here again.i watched your vids all this year and i was so jealous at work , planning on doing the at in sections.what was your favorite part as far as veiws and scenery?

  4. Loved the video! Great job.

  5. Such a great video. I miss it so much. Can't wait for the big move! I am so lucky to have met you and fallen in love with such a wonderful person.

  6. Lindsey,
    thank you for this blog. I came across your February "shakedown hike" video on YouTube in early November. I found this blog and read it Georgia to Maine.
    I have section-hiked much of VA through PA and some VT, but hiked my last hike in January 2010, 2+ years after being diagnosed with ALS. I'm in a wheelchair now, but thoroughly enjoyed your narrative. Thanks for taking us along.

    best wishes to you and Seth for the future.


  7. Just stumbled back across your blog. With a friend halfway through his SOBO hike and my plan of a 2013 NOBO coming together nicely, it is good to see your video again to remind me of the joy of the trail.