Friday, March 16, 2012

Springer Fever

Has it been a year already?

I remember the nerves I felt as I left Amicalola Falls State Park a year ago. I kept questioning myself and my decisions. What made me think I could complete such a seemingly impossible task? Would the reward be worth the effort?

Today, a year since I started and roughly five months since I finished, I wonder why those questions were even in my mind. Impossible? Hardly. The reward? Greater than I could have imagined.

It's amazing how much my experience still affects me. I feel a strange ache in my left foot when I walk, I refer to grocery shopping as "resupplying," and I crave Pop Tarts, peanut butter, and Knorr sides. I'm so jealous of all the people starting their thru-hikes this year.

Seth and I are going back to the trail this weekend/next week to do some trail magic and hike for a few days. I'm curious how the hike will be mentally, as well as physically. I can't wait to see a white blaze,  and I'm almost looking forward to waking up with a hiker hobble again!