Saturday, May 30, 2015

Packing Up

The weeks have been flying by as we have been making our final preparations. We took our bicycles to a local bike shop, who packaged them up and shipped them to a bike shop in San Francisco. We will pick them up when we arrive. We also shipped a package of our gear that we cannot take with us on the plane (tools, etc). We have slowly been marking items off of the various packing and "to-do" lists, but are in a sort of waiting period as so many things are last minute!

We have also acquired a fourth traveling companion! Josh (also known as Snowy River, who you may know if you followed the hike), and his bicycle will be meeting us in San Francisco! The bike shop where our supplies will be waiting is about three miles from the coast. We will meet at the shop, pack up, ride west to dip our tires in the Pacific, and then turn around and head east for the rest of the summer!

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