Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10

We were up early this morning and left the hotel a little after 7. It was drizzling a bit and continued to do so off and on all day, but the temperature was around 70 so it was comfortable. Today was fairly easy terrain and we put in 61 miles. We rode through gorgeous farm country...vineyards, groves, and ranches. The roads were pleasant and there wasn't much traffic until we got to Sacramento.  The city has a bike path through it and our route follows it around the city for the majority of the way. I love bike paths! We came across two police officers and asked them for directions. They told us to follow them so we rode for a bit with a police escort! :)

After seeing the city and its inhabitants we thought it safest not to camp anywhere near Sacramento, so we are hotel-ing it again tonight.  We're spoiling ourselves!

Tomorrow we begin the climb up Carson Pass, a 8500 foot climb over close to 100 miles. I am extremely intimidated as my legs are already tired from our first two days, and they were "easy" days!

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