Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11

Long day today! We rode out of Sacramento on a gorgeous bike path that followed the river to Folsom. It's amazing how many commuters we saw this morning! Biking is such a part of the culture here. We took a wrong turn on the path and came in on the opposite side of town, but a local guy was headed the way we needed to go and offered to lead us there. We made a stop at Walmart to pick up cooking fuel and food, and ate lunch at the Subway inside. Then the climbing began. We had about 20 miles of up and down with a net gain of 1700 feet. I felt pretty good today although it was hot and drinking hot water in 85 degrees is not fun! We actually took a break in someone's driveway and Josh knocked on the door to ask for cold water. The lady inside was generous and we all left with ice water in our bottles!

Just a few miles from our destination we came to a Road Closed sign right on our route. A lady driving by said they are re-doing the bridge, and the alternate route was about 10 miles out of our way. Josh decided to take his panniers off his bike and ride down to scope things out. The bridge was still intact and the workers agreed to let us pass. Thank goodness!

Just as we rode into town, a man outside a local pharmacy called out and asked if we wanted some cold water. Of course! I waited on the porch with the bikes while the guys went inside. Twenty minutes later, we were unpacking our things in the little courtyard between the pharmacy and another building, as Dan (the owner) offered to let us camp!  He has been incredibly generous to us, giving us homemade pie and access to the restroom inside. He also suggested an alternate route over Carson Pass that will save us 11 miles and 1500 feet! The only reason that route is not on our map is because the road is closed in the winter.

We will be up early again tomorrow and are doing a short day to give our bodies a rest. Uphill for another 50 miles...

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