Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 12

I slept okay last night on the concrete, although every time I rolled over I triggered a motion sensor light! I also woke about 4 to a rooster and dozed off and on until 5. We packed up and headed to Denny's down the street for breakfast, then made a quick stop at the grocery store before hitting the road. We planned a short day today to ease ourselves into Carson Pass and take a bit of a rest. We slowly ascended into the mountains as the landscape changed with the altitude. The forests are turning to pine and it smells wonderful!  Tough going though in the heat as the climb had some steep sections. At one point a lady drove by and gave me a "woohoo" and a thumbs up out the window. I needed the encouragement!
At Dan's (from last night) recommendation, we stopped to camp at Sly Lake and got a campsite right on the water. We had a relaxing afternoon and this evening Josh and Seth talked me into riding back up the hill from the campground to the restaurant at the entrance for nachos and drinks. My appetite is already kicking in! Or maybe it's never left...
Everyone keeps telling us how difficult the climb to Carson is going to be...I learned on the AT not to let other people's perceptions intimidate me so I am trying not to be discouraged! We will try to get out early tomorrow to beat the heat!


  1. So Beautiful! I miss the west!

  2. I remember this like it was yesterday.