Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 14

Out of the mountains and into the desert!

It was 49 degrees this morning, and our first mile was a cold downhill coast. From that point we had 3 miles of climbing and I took off my jacket within the first 20 minutes! Seth and I were the first to leave camp and we passed a restaurant/lodge after the first climb. We stopped and took a break, then started up the second climb. We weren't 100 yards up when Seth suggested we turn around a get some coffee. Coffee in the mountains on a chilly morning? I can't turn that down! Josh and George met us there and we enjoyed the unexpected treat!

We passed Caples Lake on the next few miles of climbing and I'll say it again...the Sierras are beautiful! I was expecting high desert and not the alpine forests that we road through. Finally we made it to Carson Pass at 8674 feet! It felt like a huge accomplishment since we have been crossing this mountain range for the past 3 days!

I have been looking forward to the downhill on Carson Pass since we left San Francisco,  and it certainly didn't disappoint! Fifteen miles of coasting was liberating but a little terrifying and I rode my breaks frequently.

As soon as we came off the mountain,  we were in the desert! The trees became shrubs and the soil sand. We rode through a huge valley of farms and developments. After a few miles, we crossed our first state line into Nevada!

We stopped for lunch in Genoa, Nevada's oldest settlement. It looked like a town right out of a western movie. Ten more miles and we made it to Carson City for about 61 total miles today. We are staying in a hotel and enjoying showers and laundry. Tomorrow we continue into the desert to Fallon!


  1. You go GIRL! What a serene place! I miss the mountains!

  2. What I remember about this day was how cold it was when we left in the morning. It was all downhill and I had to slow down because my body was shaking that hard. Then I remember we stopped for a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich and I waited for 30 minutes at the bar to order. When I asked if I could see a menu the guy said, "This ain't no McDonald's, I'll get to you when I am good and ready!" I walked out.