Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 16

Apparently we all needed extra rest as none of us woke until 5:30. We had breakfast and were packing up when Seth noticed a loose bolt on his rack. He went to tighten it and the head sheared off! He used an array of zip ties to hold it together; hopefully it will hold until we can find a place to get it fixed!

We rode out of town and stopped at a convenience store for a quick break when a guide from the Adventure Cycling Association passed us! The tour is supported and they are following the same route as us. We knew they were starting  two days ahead of us so we figured we would pass them at some point.  They are following the same schedule through Nevada (there's really no choice due to the lack of services) so we will probably run into them over the next few days.

We rode past Fallon Naval Base and saw a few fighter jets flying...very cool! We also passed an old sea bed that is now a salt flat for miles and miles...Such a contrast to the tan color of the sand.

Our intended destination was Middlegate Station, and we arrived there around 1:30. It was an interesting collection of old buildings as it lies along the Pony Express and stagecoach routes. After delicious burgers and fries, we were all feeling good and decided to ride 14 more miles to Cold Springs Station and camp for the night.

I mentioned before how surprised I was by the Sierras, and the same goes for Nevada! The mountains are much larger than I thought they would be. We have been riding through desert passes and down into huge green valleys that stretch at least 15 miles, giving us incredible expansive views of what lies ahead. As I ride I think about what it must have been like to be a Pony Express rider, or to have taken a stagecoach through this desolate landscape. What courage those people had!

Cold Springs is in the middle of nowhere  and as Seth said when we arrived, it is truly an oasis in the desert! We had hot showers and are sleeping on the grassy lawn behind the restaurant/motel. I am enjoying this cool evening as tomorrow is sure to be another scorcher!

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