Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18

Longest day so far at 71 miles! We were efficient this morning and left camp at 6:30. We had 3 more miles of the climb to Austin Pass, and it wasn't too terrible with fresh legs! A short down and we were climbing again for about 2 miles, and were rewarded with a 5 mile coast down into yet another valley. One more climb and then we descended into a huge valley for 40 miles. We knew our destination was into the next mountain range 40 miles away and they slowly got closer as we peddled on.

We passed a man from Germany heading west this morning who has ridden his bike  from New York! We have seen a few people riding west over the last few days, but so far the ACA tour members are the only ones we have met riding east.

Today was the first day I really felt the heat! My water was unbearably hot but Seth was able to snag a bottle of cold water on the edge of town. Of course we had a climb coming into Eureka and are camping in the city park tonight along with the ACA group. We will pass them tomorrow as we are doing 78 miles to Ely, and they are stopping to camp about halfway.

The four of us boiled hot dogs again for dinner and split a half gallon of ice cream. Seth, Josh, and I went with the ACA tour members to the bar next door and are planning an early start tomorrow to try to beat the heat!

(No pictures today as Nevada looks the same as it did yesterday :) )

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  1. I remember the climb to the park was really steep and the next morning was long hard climb but because it was in the early morning it was not that hard.