Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19

Longest day record again today at 80 miles!

We knew today would be a long day so we got up early and left camp a little before 6. It was chilly! Eureka is at about 6500 feet and it was probably around 50 degrees this morning.  We had 5 miles to go up to Pinto Summit, and it took me a good 30 minutes to warm up, even peddling uphill! The sun is a double-edged sword; it's so chilly in the morning that I wish for the sun, but as soon as it comes I wish for the cold! There is only about an hour of moderate temperature in the morning before the sun becomes unbearable.

We had four climbs overall today, including four descents. The downhills are such a great reward for the climbs! The only exception was our final downhill into Ely. We had about 18 miles to coast to the town, but only about 6 were coasting. The farther we descended, the stronger the wind became. It was chanelling straight up the canyon into our faces and I was peddling in a low gear to go downhill! It was miserable. I don't think I ate enough today either because I had a serious lack of energy for the last few hours. I dragged myself into town a few minutes behind the guys and I felt better almost immediately after eating a proper meal at McDonald's. :)

We stopped by the grocery store for supplies and are camping at the KOA outside of town. Laundry is the real treat here as it's been 5 days! My clothes were slathered in sunscreen and dirt.

Seth's rear tire has been out of alignment so he has been working to true it this evening. A guy who camped next to us at the RV park in Austin is here tonight too and he is helping with the tricky process. The joys of bicycle travel!

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  1. Oh how I remember this day! Seth had tweaked his spokes to get his rim in alignment and he was so proud. Then he Tweaked it once more and BAM!!! The whole rim went out of alignment and he could not fix it. I went to the family that had trailer camped next to us the day before (who let us charge our cell phones that night) and asked their son,(who was a mountain biker) if he knew how to true a rim. He DID and got it fixed. It turns out that he was a Catholic Priest with his mom and dad on vacation. Another example of helping people.