Monday, June 22, 2015

June 20

George left early this morning but Josh, Seth, and I took our time and enjoyed our morning coffee at the KOA. Then it was 61 miles to Baker, NV. The day started great and I felt strong on the first climb. It actually felt much shorter than I expected!  We flew downhill and caught a tailwind through a valley next to a wind mill plant. The only bad thing about a tailwind  (dare I say this?) is that there is no breeze across your body and it is HOT. Thankfully there were a few clouds today but they didn't do much to suppress the heat.

Our second climb was rough in the heat of the day, but we had a nice 16-mile down into town. Great Basin National Park is a few miles from town and we stopped at the visitor center on our way in. We made a stop at a convenience store for cold Gatorade and then Seth and I split a pizza at the local restaurant...yes, THE restaurant...the population of Baker is 68!

Our spirits are a little low tonight as we are camping in the dirt next to the motel and we have a huge 84 mile day tomorrow to the next town that feels very daunting! On a positive note, we cross into Utah tomorrow morning!

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  1. OH how I remember this day because I know what is going to happen tomorrow. How I wish I knew my bearings were going bad. Do you remember when Josh saw this lady drinking a beer and he said something like. "Boy does that beer look good". She said, "It sure is"