Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 22

A late night led to a lazy morning and we had a delicious breakfast of eggs, pancakes, bacon, hash browns, toast, and coffee at the diner. Then it was back on the road around 9.

The breeze this morning wasn't bad as we made our way out of Milford. We passed through beautiful farm country and it seemed that everyone who passed us gave us a wave...Utah folks are friendly! We made a quick stop in Minersville 16 miles later at the base of the mountains and then we started up our one and only pass for the day. The wind strengthened as the day passed but it wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday...probably only 15-20 mph sustained. Still, on the backside of the pass we had to peddle to move downhill.

On our way down, we passed a van on the side of the road; Josh was in the lead and I saw him and Seth head toward the van. I pulled in behind them and was offered ice and water from the occupants! The group of young men are riding their long board skateboards across the country to raise money for a charity! We chatted with them for a few minutes and enjoyed the cold refreshment of the water.

We had about 15 miles to town and they were all directly into the wind. We crawled along through the valley while Cedar City taunted us in the distance. Seth, Josh, and I caught up to George and we stopped at a Family Dollar on the edge of town to take a break as George wasn't feeling well again. He got a ride into town and the three of us continued 7 more miles to the Knights Inn where we are staying. I was dragging by the end, wishing so badly for cold water!

Showers, Mexican food, lots of water, and ice cream were on the menu tonight and we are all feeling much better! We spent 10 hours on the bikes today and it has been a long couple of days. We are taking our first day off tomorrow as we prepare to conquer the huge mountains of Utah. Hopefully the wind will subside before we leave town on Wednesday!

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  1. Another tough day for me. I really thought I was done riding. I wish I had known my bike bearings were bad. I remember when we were at the Family Dollar and this lady came up to me and asked if she needed to call 911