Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 23

Zero day! I slept until close to 7 and Seth and I enjoyed the free breakfast in the lobby. It was so nice to not be rushed and I savored my morning coffee. I was able to use the lobby computer to finally upload some videos to YouTube...check them out at http://www.youtube.com/lindsey8095

Seth's back wheel has been causing him problems (he's had to true it several times over the last few days) so we took it to a bike shop down the street and then bought supplies at the grocery store nearby. George and Josh visited the other bike shop in town while Seth and I had lunch at a frozen yogurt shop...$5 burger, chips, drink, and cone. George learned that the bearings on his rear wheel were going bad, causing extra friction with each rotation (similar to riding while squeezing the rear brake)...no wonder he has been worn out!

We picked Seth's bike up on the way back to the hotel. The mechanic fixed the spoke problem, cleaned the rear cassette, and fixed the broken rack all for a very reasonable price. Seth was like a kid on Christmas morning. :)

We lounged around this afternoon, ate pizza for dinner, and studied the map for this next section through Utah. It's intimidating to see the elevation profile! We have a 4500 foot climb tomorrow out of Cedar City over 24 miles, as well as 4000 and 3500 foot climbs in the coming days. I'm hoping that after this day of rest we will all have the energy to conquer them, and that the wind will be in our favor!

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