Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 24

Awesome day today! It may have been my best day yet. It started at 4:30 when my alarm rang (not the awesome part). George and Josh left a little after 5 but Seth and I didn't start until about 6. We had one monster 4500 foot climb today over 28 miles and we started going up as soon as we left town. I felt very strong this morning from our day of rest and the first 8 miles went quickly. We took a break to eat some leftover pizza from last night and continued up the road. The climb was gorgeous...the ride took us right up the canyon, around cliffs, and next to a river. I saw several deer throughout the morning. There were a few steep sections but I was mentally prepared to climb uphill all day and the miles seemed to steadily progress. My bike felt good and my body felt strong. It's amazing how much stronger I've gotten in just 2 weeks!

Seth and I have both lost screws from our peddle cages and we had to make a stop on the roadside to fix them. We didn't have zip ties but Seth was able to cut a few off of his rack (since the bike shop fixed the rack they weren't needed anymore) and re-use them. Problem solved and we were back on the road.

I've said this about every state so far, but Utah has surprised me as well! We rode through alpine forests with magnificent mountain and cliff views, up to our highest point thus far at 10,500 feet. At the top was Cedar Breaks National Monument, a "mini Grand Canyon" as Seth called it, exposed rock ranging from orange to pink to white. It was beautiful! Not to mention the weather at the high altitude was much cooler, in fact I was chilled as we started downhill! The last 30 miles were mostly downhill and Seth and I made it down the mountain in about 2 hours.

As soon as we got into town, we headed straight to Arby's before backtracking to the KOA where we are camping tonight with George and Josh. The ACA caught back up to us since we took a day off, and are also camping here. Second dinner was mashed potatoes and chicken and I am still hungry!

I am so encouraged that the climb today was actually enjoyable. Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day too, as we ride through Bryce Canyon National Park!

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