Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 27

It was cold on top of the mountain and we slept until almost 7 this morning! We left camp around 8 for what appeared to be an "easy" day of mostly downhill terrain. We flew down the mountain feeling giddy and excited for the day ahead. There was an open range on the mountain, so we had to stop several times as there were cattle in the road!

After 17 miles we reached the town of Torrey, where we stopped to have an early lunch at Subway. There were two other bikers there, young men from Taiwan who are doing a loop ride from Los Angeles around the western U.S. They told us they met a young woman who is doing the same route as we are...maybe we will run into her!

Shortly after town we entered Capitol Reef National Park. I had never heard of the park but it was amazing!  We rode through giant rock formations for 15 miles and stopped a few times to check out some caves. George and Josh decided to go swimming in the river, so Seth and I continued on for 30 more miles to get to town. I started to feel the heat as soon as we left the was midday and the sun seemed to reflect off of all the rock. We had a few downhill sections where we would hit pockets of hot air that were warmer than the air temperature! There was a slight breeze too but with all of the rock the breeze was also hotter than the air. The heat was sucking the energy out of me and the 25 remaining miles were daunting.

We came across an empty campground and Seth found a water spigot that worked, so we filled up our bottles. It wasn't very cold but it was better than what we had! About 10 miles later we passed a motel, and the man at the desk let us fill up water and use the ice machine. Such a treat!

I felt slightly rejuvenated after quenching my thirst, but we still had 18 miles to town. The heat was unbearable but somehow we made it to town just before 5. The motel in town was full, but the lady at the desk offered us a deal: they just finished filming the remake of Point Break here in Hanksville and still have the actor's trailers set up in the RV park, so she rented us a trailer for the price of a room! We had pizza and wings from the grocery store and now I am writing as I wait for the laundry. We only have 50 miles tomorrow so hopefully we can get them done before the heat of the day!

One more thing...we crossed 1000 miles today!!

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