Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30

Lazy days pass quickly...we slept until 7 and got a light breakfast here at the hotel. Around 9, Seth, Josh, and I walked to the other side of town to get second breakfast at a local cafe.  I've had some stomach cramps yesterday and today, and stuffing myself with food didn't help! I wonder if it's something I ate but I can't think of anything I ate that was out of the ordinary...hopefully this feeling will pass quickly!

George did laundry this afternoon while Josh, Seth, and I resupplied at the grocery store. Then I rode with Seth to the hardware store to get a new bolt for his rack. They fixed him up and we (mostly Seth) cleaned the bikes when we got back to the motel using rags and gloves that we got from the hotel staff.

I can't believe that we will be in Colorado tomorrow! It feels like we have come such a long way but looking at the map, we have an even longer way to go! I am excited for the Rockies but I am sure they will be challenging. After a day of rest I am ready for what lies ahead!

Seth has the best (worst) tan lines!

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