Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 1

The rest did me good and I had a great day today! 81 miles to Dolores, CO was the plan and we had breakfast at the hotel, pulling out around 7:30. The best parts about today were 1) easy terrain and 2) services! We passed through 3 towns with gas stations so we didn't have to carry a lot of water, and I had the luxury of sipping cold water all day!

The terrain today was gentle as well and made for enjoyable riding. We crossed into Colorado after 40 miles, and passed farmland and gently rolling hills while the snow-capped rockies loomed in the distance. We met another cyclist doing our route, Heather, a 20-year old female traveling alone. I was impressed!

When we got to Dolores, the first stop was the bike shop as George and Josh have both been having rear derailleur issues. The owner/mechanic was incredibly knowledgeable and explained everything he adjusted as we all listened with perked ears. It made me realize how little I know about bicycles! He also trued my rear tire/fixed the spokes...when we had our bikes tuned before the trip, the spokes were tightened improperly and Nicholas (the mechanic) said the wheel was flexing incorrectly and was shocked that we hadn't busted a spoke. Yikes! He only fixed one (out of Seth's and my four) as he stayed very late to fix all of our problems. We didn't leave his shop until 10:30 tonight! Hopefully we will not have any issues with the other wheels...

Heather made it here tonight as well and she went with us to get pizza for a late dinner. We are camping tonight in the city park. Long day but Josh has a package to pick up at the post office in the morning and they don't open until 9, so we may be able to sleep in a bit!

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