Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10

I didn't sleep very well last night and I felt it today! I woke up several times during the night thinking it was morning and finally got up a little after 6. Seth was rushing everyone to get out of camp because there was a good easterly wind blowing!

We did have a slight tailwind for the first few miles, and then the air was fairly stagnant. After 15 miles we crossed the border into Kansas! We had a beautiful sunny day today, but I was so tired! The grass next to the road looked so inviting that I wanted to lay down and sleep! I couldn't get comfortable on my hands ached, my fingers tingled, and my seat and shorts were rubbing and pinching me in all the wrong places. Somehow the miles passed as the sun moved across the sky.

We arrived in Lakin, KS for a convenience store break before continuing on to Garden City for the night. The wind strengthened into a gusty crosswind that slowed us down. Less than 10 miles from town, George stopped as his rear tire was low. Seth and Josh pumped it up for him, hoping it would hold, but after just a few miles it was deflated again, so we stopped and the guys patched it for him.

Seth was in the lead and missed a turn on the edge of town...we didn't want to take the highway through the busy town. The other three of us took the back way through a resedential area and met Seth at a hotel in town. We got a room and Josh, Seth, and I headed to Taco Bell for dinner.

Tough day today at 87 miles and we have another 85 mile day tomorrow...hopefully the wind will be at our backs! 

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