Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11

7We were all so tired that we slept until after 7 this morning! George, Josh, and Seth needed bike repairs so we had breakfast at the hotel and hung around until about 9:45. The bike shop opened at 10 and we rode the three miles across town, arriving just after they opened. Josh decided to wait until Newton to get a new tire, but bought a spare tube since he has gotten several flats. George got a new rear rim since his spokes have been breaking, and one of Seth's pedals broke yesterday so he got a new set.

We were out of the shop by 11 and decided on a short 50 mile day since we got such a late start. The wind was in our favor at first, but then the road turned southeast and we got a crosswind that held for the rest of the day. We are all tired of fighting the wind!

We rode 30 miles to Cimarron and stopped for a late lunch at Subway. It was hot when we got back on the road, 102 degrees, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the Utah heat! The tough part about Kansas is that it is flat, so we have to pedal all the time. The great thing about the mountains was the diversity...our bodies are angled differently when riding uphill versus flat, and the downhills gave us rest periods. Here the pedaling is easier, but there is no relief. Our bodies and bottoms are sore from sitting in the same positions all day.

More cornfields and cattle surrounded us today, and we made it to the famous Dodge City and got a hotel tonight. We have stayed in so many more hotels on this trip than I expected we would, but I certainly can't complain about the showers! :) We de-packed and rode through town to have dinner...after a mentally tough couple of days, burgers, fries, beer, and good company was exactly what I needed. We topped it off with ice cream at the Dairy Queen...I think I have gained a few pounds in the last week!

We have 150 miles left to Newton, where we are going to take a rest day. As of right now, the wind is forecasted to be in our favor so we should be able to put in some good miles. Tomorrow we are getting the heck out of Dodge!

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