Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 17

Today was atypical of our previous Kansas began cloudy and stayed that way all day, sprinkling on us off an on. It was slightly cooler but still mid-90s and very humid. The locals say they have gotten so much more rain this year than the past 7 years so they are not used to the humidity either!

We rode 45 miles to Pittsburg where we stopped for lunch. George had taken an alternate route so he was on the opposite side of town, but Josh, Seth, and I had burgers and fries before continuing on to the Missouri border! We met up with George at the sign and took pictures. It feels great to be out of Kansas as it seemed like we had been there for weeks!  We did 30 more miles over gently rolling farmland to make 76 for the day. We ended up in Golden City,  MO along with Claudia and Mick from England who is cycling from Seattle to Atlantic City. A local told us there were showers in the park so we headed that way and found that Golden City is also having a festival this weekend! The park was a happening place with music and festivities planned for the night, so we showered and discussed our options. We make better decisions on full stomachs so we opted for dinner first at Cooky's diner, which we heard about through other cyclists. It was fantastic!...homegrown hamburger steak, salad, mashed potatoes, green beans, and blueberry pie a la mode. I could have eaten 2 plates!

George had gone to inquire about other camping options and met a woman at the church who said we could camp in her mother's back yard here in town. Score! Michelle and her mother, Susan, and friend, Kathryn, were incredibly hospitable, opening their house to us and giving us food and drinks. We sat inside visiting for close to two hours before calling it a night. So far Missouri has been good to us!

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