Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23

Our intended zero day turned into a 10-mile ride as we decided to head to Carbondale for the night since it is a larger town. We slept in this morning and took our time packing up. Josh and Seth rode to Hardee's down the road and brought back breakfast; it was so nice to enjoy my morning coffee!

George left about an hour before Josh, Seth, and me. We headed out right at 11, checkout time, and enjoyed the leisurely ride. I felt strong and could have done a longer day today, but part of that was probably the mental aspect of knowing we had a very short ride!

Seth and I stopped at a bike shop on the way to the hotel. My chain needed replaced, and I've had some shifting trouble in the rear. We've had great fortune in being able to walk into bike shops on this trip and get quick service, and this experience was no different! The mechanic checked it out and found that my rear derailleur cable was fraying, preventing me from getting all of my gears. He found a nick in the cable housing, which I suspect happened when I fell a few days ago, and one of the cable fibers was jammed up inside. It is shifting much better now; I hope we do not have to visit any more bike shops on this trip!

We had a relaxing afternoon and bought dinner at the Walmart across the street: discount rack frozen Stouffer's dinners and an entire loaf of french bread. I am hungry all of the time! Most nights we eat dinner and then 1-2 hours later when I lay down to sleep, I am hungry again. I have found that a woman's body is very different from a man's body on these long distance trips...the guys have all lost 10-15 pounds so far, and when I weighed myself a week ago in Newton, I had gained 5 pounds! I know that my diet is horrible and I'm sure that's a major legs are more muscular but I can feel that I have lost muscle mass in my upper body as well. I'm probably eating more than I should but I need my energy. :)

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