Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25

It was hard to get up this morning as my legs were stiff from the long ride yesterday. We didn't get to sleep until almost 11 but I slept well on the plush couch. We had the luxury of brewing coffee this morning and ate breakfast from our food bags.

It was 31 miles to the bike shop in Owensboro, easy riding but my legs were tired and my butt was sore from yesterday. We rode through farmland in the morning sun and stopped at a dairy bar 12 miles from town. I ate what I think may have been the best sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich I've ever had and we continued on to town. We arrived at the bike shop at 10:30 and luckily they had a spare rim for Seth's bike! He installed what Seth calls the artificial limb to Rumble Strip (the nickname for Seth's bike, as he is always hitting the rumble strips and running off road), and we were on our way. So hopefully this was our last bike shop visit!

We ate lunch and headed south to Utica, where we were planning to meet back up with George and Josh. We got a call from them that George broke another rear spoke! They were able to fix it with one of Josh's spares, but it took 2 hours and they didn't think they would be able to make the 83 miles to Utica. They stopped in Sebree at the hostel where Seth and I stayed last night.

Seth and I arrived in Utica mid-afternoon after a relaxing stop at a farmer's market where we sat for a bit in the porch rocking chairs. The ACA maps indicated cyclist lodging at the volunteer fire station, so we asked a local who happened to be a volunteer fireman, and he confirmed that we could stay there. The place is great; there is a couch and tv, shower, and full kitchen. A call came in this afternoon so a dozen volunteers showed up to the station, two of whom showed us around. People in Kentucky have been very friendly so far!

We watched Men in Black 2 on VHS while we ate gas station chicken fingers and powdered donuts for dinner. It doesn't get much better!

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