Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4

The fourth of July started out fabulous with free breakfast at the hotel. I ate cereal, yogurt, eggs, toast, and part of Seth's waffle, and I wanted to keep going! I knew the ride wouldn't be fun if I was too full so I stopped myself!

We had a 13 mile, 2000 foot climb right out of town, and right into a headwind! It was overcast and wasn't raining on us, but we could see rain over the mountains behind us. The clouds made for comfortable temperatures and I actually got goose bumps in the wind. We reached the top and descended into Cimarron, stopping for a snack break at the general store. A few miles later we stopped again for lunch, and the sun appeared and the wind died down! We had one more 1500 foot climb that was fairly gentle, and then a downhill/flat stretch past the Blue Mesa Reservoir, where we caught an awesome tailwind. It's amazing how much quicker we move with the wind at our backs!

We are staying at the KOA at the edge of town, ordered pizza for dinner, and walked to the field nearby to watch the town's fireworks.

The scenery here in Colorado has been amazing...the lower elevations look similar to Utah, and the jagged mountains are always impressive. I haven't taken many pictures because my phone is packed away for fear of the rain! Tomorrow we will cross 11,312-foot Monarch Pass, our highest point on the route and our last big pass of the whole trip! It's a little sad because it will be our last huge downhill for the trip as well!

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