Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7

It wasn't raining this morning when we left Canon City, but the clouds were low and everything was covered in a misty fog. Pueblo was 39 miles away over gently rolling terrain. I wore my rain jacket all day, in fact all three of us did due to the dampness and the 50 and 60 degree temperatures.

As soon as we left the hotel, I could feel that my rear tire was low. Very low in fact, so we pumped it up and it seemed to hold. Seth had pumped it up yesterday at the bike shop so maybe it didn't seal properly?

We made it to Pueblo West in 3 hours and stopped at the Walmart to resupply. George continued on through town while Seth and I went to the Verizon store next door. My phone has been acting strange and last night it wouldn't recognize my SD card, meaning I couldn't take any pictures and didn't have all of my contacts. Come to find the card is corrupted and I may have lost all of my pictures! I'll have to work on it when I get home. Good thing I was next to the Walmart...I bought a new one and it seems to be working.

Josh caught back up to us after doing a 92 mile day (and getting 2 flat tires) and we are hoteling it once again. We ate at Golden Corral for dinner and I am so full I can't even take a deep breath!

We finished the Western Express today for a total of 1583 miles! After zig zagging around the west, we now turn our tires eastward toward the Atlantic!

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