Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8

Hello, flatlands!

We decided to take US 50 through eastern Colorado and into Kansas per the recommendation of several cyclists we have passed coming westbound. The Adventure Cycling route takes you off of the main route, but all of the addenda allude to closed businesses and lack of services. To avoid the unknown, we are staying on 50 for the next few days, adding about 20 miles to the trip.

Eastern Colorado is flat farmland and so far has made for smooth riding. Seth was in the lead today, followed by myself, Josh, and George. About 20 miles in I heard Josh call my name from about 100 yards back. I slowed down and he told me that George had texted him that he had broken a spoke! Josh turned around to go back to help him, and I continued on to try to catch Seth to let him know. He was maybe 300 yards in front of me, and I rode as hard as I could to catch him, but it took me probably 2 miles to get close enough that he could hear me yelling his name! He called George, who told us the broken spoke was in the rear, on the cassette side... not fixable with the tools we carry. As there is no bike shop in the town we were heading toward, he decided to get a hitch back to Pueblo to get it fixed. Josh, Seth, and I continued on, stopping at a gas station for lunch.

The weather today was perfect...mostly overcast and cooler 80 degree temperatures. We flew on the flat pavement, averaging close to 15 mph! We stopped again at Sonic for milkshakes and finally arrived in La Junta a little after 4. We are staying at another KOA, and walked to Little Caesars and Walmart to get pizza and Oreos for dinner.

George got in around 8 tonight; his bike is fixed and he was able to get a ride back to the point he left off this morning.   

We only did 64 miles today, but it seems that the short days wear me out the most! Tomorrow is a bigger 87 mile day so I hope to get a good night's sleep!

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