Friday, July 10, 2015

July 9

The KOA was infested with mosquitos so we packed up very quickly and rode to the McDonald's about a mile through town. I've always been a morning person; there is something so comforting about a hot breakfast, even a fast food hot breakfast! 

We left intending to do 86 miles. The first 20 were easy, although the morning was cloudy and cool, and we stopped at a gas station for a snack. Breaks always seem to take longer than planned and we rolled out of town an hour later. Just a few miles out, I rode up on Josh and Seth who were stopped on the side of the road. They said that George had broken another spoke! We rode the half mile back to where he was and the boys tried to fix it, but as with the problem yesterday, we didn't have the tools to remove the rear cassette. The three of us rode on while George waited for a hitch. Not two minutes later, we saw a truck turn around and head back toward George; they drove back past in another few minutes with George in the truck bed.

The day was perfect for cycling, around 80 and partly sunny, except for a headwind that we fought all afternoon. Again all we saw was rolling farmland...It is beautiful in its own way, but makes for boring cycling! It allows my mind to wander, and as I ride I enter a very peaceful state of mind, not focusing on any particular thought. It's amazing to think of the varied landscapes through which we have already traveled...ocean to mountains, desert to canyons, and mountains to plains. That's one of the beautiful things about bicycle travel: you see all of the gradual changes between the geological features!

We met back up with George at Burger King in Lamar; the only bike shop in town did not have a spare rim, but he did get his spoke fixed...hopefully it will last until the next bike shop!

We decided to shorten the day and do 17 more miles to Granada to make 76 total. Just a couple of miles outside of town, Josh got a flat tire for the 3rd time in 3 days. He got his rear tire replaced in Dolores, and it already has 2 small tears! He was able to make it to town by pumping it every mile, and he and Seth  patched the tube this evening. We are camping in the town park tonight which is the perfect setup...bathrooms, water, and grass at no cost!

We are only about 15 miles from Kansas, so we will cross the border in the morning and also cross into the Central time zone!

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